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Open your heart .. say you love .. your heart beats for .. you just cant help falling in love .. miss you .. lonely without you .. waiting for you .. I wanna say something .. be mine .. i am yours .. be my friend

Have a nice day .. shine through your day .. have a great day .. have a cheerful day .. nice day .. may your day be magnificient .. beautiful day .. a day full of colors ..

Many many happy returns of the day .. you are wished the best today and all year through .. may your day be filled with joy and bring life's best everyday

Happy Anniversary .. Wishes to the worlds most beautiful couple .. My love for you will live forever .. for the most wonderful couple .. with special thoughts for a special couple ..

Wish you all the best .. good luck .. you will surely get it .. explode your exams .. crack your exams .. you can do it .. the world is yours .. wish you grand success in everything you do ..

No words can say how glad you are to receive greetings .. express yourself with thanks greetings .. thanks for heartiest wishes .. your greetings mean more than .. 

anytime fun .. take a break ! .. balle balle .. party time .. You set the fire on .. He's got the power .. She's got the looks .. when i am good i am 2 good when i am bad don't ask

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Updated : 19/April/2010

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